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Circumflex (Ê) (Part Two) [Dec. 27th, 2013|12:04 am]
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Title: Circumflex (Ê) (Part Two)
Pairing(s): DooWoon, JunWoon
Rating: PG-13+
Word Count: 7,444
Summary: Even with Doojoon’s increasing hostility, Junhyung refuses to be separated from his love.
A/N: Sequel to “Cedilla (Ç).” bb creetpay
ignited my interest and inspired this~ /////


(Three months later…)

“Hey, Woon.”

I smile at his voice. I make foolish smiles when I hear his voice.


“How’re you feelin’?”

“Fine. Just fine.”

“Okay, great. I was just calling to check up on you… and make sure you’re doing alright. You need anything?”

“No… I’ve got everything.”

“You sure ‘bout that?”

“Yeeessss, Junhyung. I’m very sure.”

Our phone conversations start like this all the time. He asks me how I’m doing and feeling. He speeds to my doorstep whenever I call and give the green light.

Junhyung is, and has been, such a huge help:

He cooks meals for me. He cleans my apartment. He stays by my bedside whenever I’m feeling ill and nauseated. He lays with me, and rubs my back, and brings me glasses of water, and murmurs little somethings to me. I am so grateful for him and all of the things he does selflessly, because carrying this child is definitely not easy. He makes sure I’m comfortable, he makes sure I don’t overexert myself, he makes me stay off of my feet. He downright fusses if I lift a finger… He’s so sweet…

We’ve gone to a doctor’s appointment together for my third month. He even drove me there. Everything was fine. I’m progressing normally.

We listened to the heartbeat together. He was silent and he did not say many words, but his small smiles and the water sitting in his eyes spoke louder than any words he could’ve ever voiced.

I see him so differently now... He’s grown to be a mature, young man in my eyes. And now, he is about to become a father…

(Afternoon, Yoon apartment…)

“My abs have gone missing,” I joke, standing in the middle of the room while touching my extra bits of stomach. Jun chuckles from the sofa.

It’s true. They’ve been hidden by smooth flab. I’m gradually growing bigger, and it panics me. Time is ticking. It’s only a matter of time before Doojoon finds out. Oversized burgundy sweaters will only hide so much of me, and for so long… The anxiety shows on my face.

Junhyung motions me to his lap. I walk to the couch, and I obediently sit on top of his thighs with a sigh of relief. He giggles—I’m a big baby. Junhyung then holds me like a fragile dish. I hold his hands. His lips minister to the back and side of my head… All is quiet; the silence is beautiful; I am relaxed.

I am not treated like this by Doojoon. He never holds me like this. He never kisses me. We never talk about anything—only what time he’s coming home, what he wants for dinner, what he needs from me…

Doojoon and I don’t ever have intimate moments like this, not like we used to. Those days are long gone.

But what I have with Junhyung… it’s so peculiar, and powerful, and wonderful. It makes me scared and happy.

“You’re gonna be fine babe, I got you,” Junhyung utters after his lips leave a burn on my neck. They’re so soft. Why are they so soft?

I abruptly turn to my side and I tackle them. I suck them so hard.

I want him inside of me.

Within a minute, Junhyung and I are in my bedroom and in the middle of the bed. Junhyung’s shirtless and I’m shirtless and my torso is at the mercy of his lips. Regardless of position, he’s always holding my hand.

Though we are half-clothed, the love we make is not rushed. It’s slow and sure. Everything Junhyung does to me is accurate. He knows me; he knows what I need and gives it again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

He’s incredible.

Doojoon will be home in ten minutes, and Junhyung’s still here. I know it’s cutting it close, but I want him here with me. I am overcome with sadness whenever he leaves. I feel sad whenever I’m without Junhyung. He brings me so much happiness in this unhappy home I keep…

Junhyung and I spend our last moments embracing, lying restfully in bed with his hand spread over my stomach. As much as I’m loving it, I turn my body to face him straight on. ‘Cause I have to say something. It’s something he deserves to hear from me…

“I love you,” I say, softly destroying the quiet. It’s the first time I’ve ever said that to him.

Junhyung is glowing. First there is surprise. Then follows incredulousness. But his flushed face ultimately softens to this happy, happy smile, “I never thought, after… all this time, that I’d ever hear you say that to me…”

“I never thought I’d be having your baby.”

A cocky smirk appears on his mouth... and yet, he kisses me shyly.

Well you are.”

We kiss more, and longer, and louder. We begin to roll around; I have to push him away, or he’ll never leave. He knows it, too. His eyes tell me he understands. He doesn’t say goodbye. He doesn’t say see you later. He simply, simply grins, pets my head, and kisses me before leaving out the door.

I put my sweater back on. It smells just like him.

Blackness plays behind my eyelids when I shut my eyes to sleep.

I don’t feel as alone now.

(The Next Day…)

Dongwoon.” Doojoon’s tone bleeds titanium. It frightens me out of my sleep. Something is bothering him.


“Where’s all this food coming from?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t play dumb with me. All of this food. You’ve only been to the market once this month. There’s more food in here than we usually buy, and I did the numbers, and we’re not over budget,” he approaches me frightfully slow, “so where is it all coming from, Dongwoon?”

I back up.



I look at him. His eyes are consumed in brownish-black. He grasps my upper arm.

Don’t you lie to me,” he warns sweetly with his eyes dipped low.

Why was I not more careful?

“………Junhyung brings me food sometimes.”

“Why does he bring you food?”

“J-Just to make sure that I’m alright.”

“Oh, so does Junhyung think that I’m not takin’ care of you? That I’m not providing for you? Is that what he thinks?”

“I-I don’t—”

“And you accept this food? So you don’t think I do enough for you? I’m not doing enough, Dongwoon?”

“Doojoon I never said that!”

“Then why are you accepting another man’s food if I already do so much for you?”

“He’s just being nice, Doojoon—”

“Has he been in my house?”

His grip tightens.


“You’ve been with him?”


He shakes me.



I think I’m gonna be sick.

Doojoon just holds me still. His eyes cut and cut.

Then he pushes me out of his way; I almost taste the floor. He shoots out of the apartment and across the short hall, straight for Junhyung’s, I presume. I’m correct: once I’ve gotten on my feet and to the doorway, I see him standing in front of Junhyung’s door. He knocks with the strength of a thousand-pound fist.

Junhyung answers, a ready scowl on his face. It is as if he knew who it was already…

“I want you to listen well, ‘cause I’m only going to tell you one time: Don’t bring any more food to my fuckin’ doorstep.  I know what you’re trying to do, and it’s not gonna work. Not with me.”

Junhyung smiles warmly.

“Is this all you wanted to say, ‘cause you’ve just wasted your breath. I’m an adult, and you’re damn sure not my father, so I’m gonna do whatever the fuck I feel like doin’.”

Junhyung and I cross ganders. His countenance sweetens when our eyes link in the air. He grins at me, relaxed.

I grin, too. Doojoon’s neck snaps as his head turns. He catches me smiling.

I shrink behind the door. I’m going to be in trouble…

“You’ve fucked him since then, haven’t you?” Doojoon asks Junhyung.

“That’s none of your business.”

“Excuse me?”

Junhyung takes a step closer, “That’s none of your business.

“You’d better back the fuck up.”

“I don’t have to do shit.”

“I’m two seconds away from kicking your ass, kid.”

“What’s stopping you?”

Doojoon…” I peep.

I see Doojoon’s fist clench, “The instance I saw you I knew you’d be a fucking stick up my ass.”

“And I’ll continue to be that stick up your ass if you keep puttin’ your hands on Dongwoon.”

“That is my husband and I’ll do whatever the hell I want—”

Junhyung’s face balls up in repulsion.

“‘Husband?’ You don’t know the first thing about being a husband. Look at how you just referred to him: you called him a ‘that,’ and didn’t use ‘he.’ You disrespect him, you mistreat him, you demean him, you hurt him. You’ve done everything but love him in spite of all that he’s done for you. You don’t deserve him, you won’t ever deserve him, and you don’t deserve anything.”

And that struck Doojoon hard. In fractions of a second, his hand raises up to Junhyung. I know what’s coming. Something within me ignites uncomfortably. My heart’s going ballistic: Do some-thing! Do some-thing! I don’t want Junhyung to get hurt.

Not because of me.

Doojoon, no!

I jet out from behind the door, out of the apartment, into the hall, and I grasp Doojoon’s rising hand. Doojoon backhands me with the other so hard my feet leave the ground and I fall solidly onto my ribs.

Whore” is all I hear Doojoon say before blacking out momentously, and when I come to, I find Junhyung on top of Doojoon. I just see his fists punching and punching and punching at Doojoon’s face. His knuckles are scarlet. Doojoon is choking him from the ground. His knuckles are scarlet. Random splotches of blood, tiny but many, paint the concrete. I do not know how long they’ve been fighting, but it’s gone on long enough.

This is not what I wanted… this is not what I wanted…

“J-Junhyu… nhh…”

Junhyung locks on to me, “Dongwoon.”

His fists freeze, and that is when Doojoon counters with a punch of his own. He knocks Junhyung in his jaw, then rapidly pushes him away. Junhyung’s spread out against the cold concrete. That punch must’ve sucked the life out of him, because he retains his position on the ground and labors as he tries to collect himself.

F-Fucking… prick,” strains Doojoon, standing. He kicks Junhyung in his right side once. Powerfully. Directly to his arm. That’s all it takes. Junhyung shrills; he immediately slaps his hand over his right arm. He’s in agony.

Doojoon—simpering at the sounds dribbling from Junhyung—stumbles away from Junhyung, now interested in getting to me. His orbs are as black and dense as chips of charcoal. I’m scared. I know it’s my turn now. I turn around, endeavoring to get away.

I’m not… done with you… you whoring bitch,” Doojoon gravels.

I try to crawl away on my knees—away, to anywhere—but Doojoon thickly snatches my hair. He pulls me up slightly, but I fight with him. He yanks stronger. My head wants to shatter. He might desire to peel off my scalp.



Doojoon shakes me and starts for our door, consequently dragging me along. I grab his arm; I’m still fighting.


DON’T YOU FUCKIN’ HURT HIM, DOOJOON,” Junhyung shouts from the ground, “LET HIM GO.” He’s trying so hard to get up but he can’t. His arm’s his hindrance. He scoots across the concrete, but he will not reach me in time before Doojoon closes the door. He cannot help me… I have been dragged unwillingly into the apartment. Doojoon and I are inside. He’s about to shut the door. Right in my face. Right in Junhyung’s face. Doojoon laughs forebodingly, “You hear that, Woonie? You hear him? You can thank him for the ass beating I’m about to—”


Doojoon drops me. Junhyung’s eyes open.

“…………What? What did you say?” Doojoon speaks.


“He’s three-months pregnant,” Junhyung injects for me. He has found a way to sit straight up without wincing in pain. He is still cradling his right arm.
Doojoon doesn’t seem to be breathing.

“And it’s my baby,” Junhyung interrupts, answering for him, “and if you dare manhandle him again, I will not hesitate to kill you this time.”

Doojoon looks down to me, and up to Junhyung, and down to me, and up. His face shows no shock, no emotion, no change. It’s white. It’s stagnant. Wholly stagnant.

Doojoon leaves us, appearing to be under a spell. He starts down the stairs, and a minute later, I hear his car speed away.

Free, I escape the apartment, launch to my feet, and then I fall to Junhyung’s side, “Junhyung… J-Jun—are you okay?” I’m too afraid to touch him, but I want to haul him in my arms and bury his face into my chest. I want to sob against him and burrow my lips into his hair. I would further hurt him, I am sure, so I settle for holding and stroking his left hand. I kiss it firmly.

“My arm’s prolly broken, but it’s nothing a cast can’t fix. You alright?”

As soon as he reminds me, I can feel the pain dealt to my body prominently resurrect, throbbing stronger than before. It’s like my head has been plunged in and out of a tank of water. I’m suddenly breathless; I can’t reply to him. The pain plays on my face; Junhyung lays his lips on me thrice…

“Let’s go get you checked out,” says Junhyung, beginning to stand, but I can blatantly tell that it’s not as easy as it was minutes ago… His arm is seriously bothering him.

Your arm…

“We’ll worry ‘bout my arm later. We need to make sure that you and the baby are okay.”

So in all our brokenness, Junhyung and I clean up are bound for the hospital.


There has been no news from Doojoon. I do not know where he’s gone, but I really do not care. There are only two things on my mind right now…

Junhyung and I returned from the hospital hours before. We were seen promptly, especially with the blood oozing from Junhyung’s nasal cavity.

The baby is just fine, and the good news obliterates the enormous boulder of anxiety on our chests. I’ve earned minor scrapes and treatable bruises. Junhyung received more than I was given. His nose was intact, thank goodness. His humerus was shattered from where Doojoon kicked him; it’s an internal fracture. As horrible as his injury sounds, it’s not as serious. It will be a while before his bone’s completely recovered, but it’s recoverable. That’s all I could ever ask. His arm’s dressed up in a purple cast now. He hates it. I think he looks cute in it, honestly.

Junhyung and I are relaxing at his place now. I made us a little something to eat a while ago. Junhyung did all he could to help with his left hand. His endeavors were… messy. He wanted me resting, but—and I don’t even say this to be mean—he has a broken arm. There’s not much that he can do efficiently. He knew, but he still tried. I think it was a very sweet gesture on his part; that is just his nature.

After eating, we’re very tired. We’ve been through so very much today. But I’m always tired. I’m surprised that I did not pass out during the whole scuffle.

As much as Jun looks cute in his purple cast, I wish he did not have to get one in the first place. I was the reason he had gotten hurt…

I am with him on his brown and golden-swirled couch. We were sitting upright like normal people, but Junhyung starts to play around with me, and I land on top of him. And then I kiss him as if I will never see him again. He seems to be thinking the same. My skin quivers. My toes always curl when he uses his tongue. His mouth is so strong. Eventually, we simmer down…

“You know, you didn’t have to do what you did back there, Jun…” I speak between our lips.

“I’m not jus’ gonna stand by and let anyone talk shit about you in front of my face, or call you a ‘whore,’ or hurt you. No. I’m not puttin’ up with it. That doesn’t fly with me.”

I smile, speechless at his strong words. I peck his lips, then I lay my head down upon his cozy chest. His left arm coils around my waist. He rests his right one on top of it. All I am able to do is sigh. He is so comfy. Softer than any cushion, any chair, any pillow I’ve met. He pats me on my bottom twice. I giggle. Mm.

“Dongwoon I want you to stay with me.”

I pick my head up to look at him. He peers straightaway into my soul. It disturbs it, but in a very good way.

“I want you to stay with me. I want to be with you. I want us to be together. Here. At my place. As a couple. As a family… ‘Cause I’m in love with you, and I won’t let another night pass without having you next to me in my bed. So no more running. I’m not lettin’ you get away from me anymore.”

I… I…

I uncover so much love for me in his gorgeous eyes I could cry.

I think I just may cry.

Yeah, I’m gonna cry. I make the ugliest face.

Why does he feel for me so much? It’s overwhelming.

Junhyung’s left hand cradles the back of my head. We smile together.

I’ll stay,” I sputter, and I kiss him to enforce that promise. Junhyung calls me so many beautiful things in airy whispers. His lips dance all around in my hair… and I simply lay there, on top of him, and I soak up everything like the hungriest sponge.

This is what love is, I think.


i really laughed the entire time I was writing this oh god. but it was a joy, really~ pregwoon makes me happy… ;;;;;; oh this really wasn’t supposed to exist but voila here it is thanks to you bbbbbb u////u thank yooooouuuu~ now junwoon can exist peacefully with their lil baby girl all because of you... or will they? hah. i need to stop writing dooj bashing fics, lol

anyway I hope everyone had a merry christmas and will have a happy new year~ peace peace peace~

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2013-12-29 10:11 pm (UTC)
THANKYOUDEARTHANKYOUSOMUCH♥♥♡♥♡♡♡♥♥ TTTTTTTT I was afraid that it was too different and that dooj was too much but yknow its whatever now. Thank you for your thoughtsss as always I soooo appreciate the time you take to give me feedback so thankss I love you forever ♥♥
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