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Potpourri (3/?) [Nov. 14th, 2013|11:40 pm]
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Title: Potpourri (3/?)
Pairing(s): JunWoon
Rating: R/NC-17
Word Count: 2,000+
Summary: He never said, “no,” and because he never said, “no,” they never stopped. Because you never say “no” to hyung.

Too much was happening. Too much, too much.

Yoseob left after finding them together. Where he went Woonie did not know… He was a little fearful, though. Fearful of how Yoseob was going to view him… if his view was going to change. Surely if everyone knew what was really going on behind the closed doors of their dorms, they would definitely have a much, much different opinion of their youngest.

A much more, tarnished opinion.

“Whore” immediately came to mind. That was the word that would send Dongwoon glistening in a billion little pieces.


Dongwoon blinked. Kikwang’s bright eyes smiled at him. When did he get there…?


“Are you feeling any better…? I ask because me and Seung are ‘bout to watch a movie. Wanna join us~? It’s the new spider-man movie~”

Dongwoon smiled. A movie with his hyungs? Sure! That would be something he could use as a distraction, to get things off of his mind, even if it was just for a few hours.

He got on his legs and followed Kiki out of the room and into the living space. He started for the sofa

and then his heart burst.

Junhyung—who’d been lying sideways, on the couch, under a blanket, thumbing on his cell—looked up to the maknae. And then he looked down, and then he looked up again.

He grinned.

Dongwoon swallowed. Hyung didn't mention Junhyung. But where did Jun come from? He wasn't there a few minutes ago? Where did he materialize from?

Great, and Doojoon was gone, too. His presence only meant one thing...

The maknae turned around and decided to sit on the floor next to the fighting KiSeung (Kikwang wanted the popcorn in his lap, and Hyunseung wanted it in his lap, so go figure).

Dongwoon,” Junhyung boomed in the midst of the bickering.

The boy turned his head away to look behind him, to the older male, “Yes, hyung?”

Junhyung sat upright. He tossed off the blanket. He pointed to the unoccupied place situated in between his forked legs.

I want you to sit in my lap,” he demanded, with a rather frustrated tone according to Dongwoon when it hit his ears. A sexually frustrated tone.

Dongwoon swallowed a throb, “…’Kay.”

And you bet, Dongwoon settled himself snugly in Junhyung’s lap. Between his legs. His ass smothered his groin, and his groin throbbed at his ass. Dongwoon swallowed again. Nice and warm.

Junhyung was already hard. Why he was already hard was a question the maknae couldn’t readily scrounge up an answer to, but he was pretty sure it had something to do with him. The boy drew his legs into his body and wrapped his arms around them in a little protective ball. He didn’t want his hyung to try anything… at least… not with the others present.

“Put your legs down,” Junhyung firmly ordered with a damp whisper to the boy’s ear.

Dongwoon put his legs down. His feet touched the carpet. He swallowed. He should’ve known Junhyung was going to disapprove.

Junhyung, grinning, kissed the back of Dongwoon’s head—“Thank you.”—then the upper shell of his ear after a long, wet, quiet lick. He tossed the blanket over them both, hiding them from the others. It was time to play.

Junhyung wanted him; he did not waste any time making the younger boy realize it. It began with his right hand set at the base of Dongwoon’s hip. He drug the hand up and drug it across Dongwoon’s abs over his thin, cotton tank whilst his lips and tongue flirted with the boy’s earlobe. Dongwoon quaked just slightly… Junhyung’s hand then formed a claw, and with that claw, he skimmed the stubs of his short nails about the maknae’s abdomen. It created a stimulating, somewhat ticklish sensation that was just as arousing as a straight caress. Junhyung felt Dongwoon relax, and unwind into him. The rapper grinned confidently as Dongwoon sighed silently with pleasure…

Feeling that Dongwoon’s abs had received more than enough love, Junhyung decided to move his hand north. He switched to his fingertips, and his fore appendages pressed and stroked the maknae’s right, puckered nub. Junhyung heard the noise Woonie withheld in his throat. He wanted to hear more. Junhyung activated his left hand; it sailed to the boy’s left nipple, rubbing and stroking with a busy attentiveness. He took a brief break from orally teasing his ear so that his toy would fully focus on the sensations feeding from the nervous nubs on his chest. And to increase those sensations, Jun switched from the tips of his fingers to the tips of his nails in the most unsuspecting patterns. It definitely succeeded in getting Dongwoon bothered. The boy was twisting considerably in his lap as Junhyung’s nails briskly flicked the sensitive skin of his nipples.

And this was just over his tank.

Junhyung turned it up. He left the nubs be. His left hand disappeared.

But that right hand. It crawled back up, traveling across the boy’s chest. Then his appendages tickled his chin. Then two of those appendages pierced their way into his mouth, his warm moistness. Dongwoon gasped the further they pushed, but he gave the rapper what he wanted. His tongue worked in sync with silent suction: He lathered the long digits with his wide, pink muscle, and he smacked as he applied just a light but enjoyable amount of suction. His eyes had closed; his head had dipped back and rested next to Junhyung’s; his hips minutely gyrated—and against Junhyung’s member—in these small, little circles. And Junhyung simpered to himself... Woonie was so simple to please.

When he felt they were wet enough, Junhyung retracted his sodden fingers and lulled them back under the covers and out of sight. Dongwoon panted. With his left hand, the elder tugged on the elastic of Dongwoon’s sweats.

Wait a minute.

Dongwoon pieced those actions together. He wet his hyung’s fingers, and now hyung was pulling down his pants… His eyes rounded.

Junhyung heard the little, panicked whines emanating from Dongwoon’s throat the further down he drug the waistband. He calmly kissed the boy’s cheek over and over to settle him down. He knew what he was doing. He wasn’t an amateur.

S’alright, Woonie baby…

Dongwoon’s eyes darted from Kikwang to Hyunseung ten times over. He was thankful Doojoon wasn’t there. Because he would’ve definitely sensed something was up, and he wouldn’t have tolerated Junhyung’s preying. It’s kind of why Jun decided to make his move. The latter was well aware of the kind of territorial hold the leader had on the boy.

Junhyung pulled down the pant until he could comfortably access Dongwoon’s entrance, meanwhile adding his own natural lubrication, his tongue coating his fingers with his abundant saliva just to ensure smoothness and comfort for Woonie. He briefly teased and slickened the entrance with his fingertips, and then, the elder gently glided past the puckered ring and inside of the boy. He growled gently at the tightness as his fingers worked about. Dongwoon had tensed up, but his body felt like gelatin.

Then he had fully jerked and choked—that gelatin solidified. Junhyung found it.

Junhyung smiled and skipped his lips about the boy’s jaw, repeatedly pressing and rubbing that little hill with Dongwoon gyrating against him automatically in expectance… in expectance for more. He was going to get more.

When those fingers disappeared, they gave way to Junhyung’s manhood. He grasped the boy’s hips and quietly pushed into him, until he was as far deep and as far inside as he could possibly be. Dongwoon’s pants could be audibly heard by that point. He had tightened, struggling to keep himself compact, silent and still. Junhyung was inside of him. His hips started to dance and swerve in little ellipses.

Hyung’s lips riddled the underside of Woon’s jaw with rough, wet, silent kisses. His right hand skated across the boy’s chest to meddle some more with his irritated nipple whilst his left hand sailed south to his warm erection. He stretched his fingers, strapped them about the hard, hot flesh and delivered a sweet, firm squeeze. Jun gave him another kiss. Dongwoon expelled a soundless, strained sigh with closed eyes…

Junhyung proceeded to stroke the boy expertly in his light fist, the latter’s hips arching ever so slightly upward at every touch. Dongwoon was melting all over him… all over his body with his thin sheet of sweat and in his hand with his fluids sprouting from the tip of his manhood. The more Junhyung fondled, pumped, squeezed, caressed… the more poured onto Junhyung’s palm.

Dongwoon was being played with on all fronts. He was embracing the rapper’s cock, Junhyung was assaulting his nipples and his shaft with the careful scrutiny of his plans, spitting lovingly in his ear how much he wanted to freely fuck him that minute.

Woonie fought to keep quiet. Junhyung reminded him with drawn out “shhhhh”s and random pecks to his tresses.

He knew Dongwoon was already at the end of his rope. He smiled all to himself, and shifted to tentatively scraping his nails up and down his groin… The maknae’s breathing shuddered. He shuddered.

You ‘bout to cum Woonie?


Hm? You ‘bout to cum?



Woon’s toes curled, gripping the carpet. He nodded hurriedly.

“You gonna cum in hyung’s hand? Right in my hand, baby?”


Junhyung abruptly gyrated his hips, the blunt end of his manhood kissing the boy’s prostate with overwhelming accuracy. He clamped his fist about the younger’s length.

Then cum.

Dongwoon hesitated at first, but his climax swamped his conscious. He arched against Junhyung’s upper frame, eyes shut, lips parted. The maknae trembled helplessly in the rapper’s warm lap. He sowed his nails into either of Junhyung’s spread thighs. He came hard and what felt like forever without a sound. Everything splashed and clung to Junhyung’s palm bit by bit. The latter relaxed at the sensation of Dongwoon’s ass desperately trying to bring his cock further inside. He let everything go. Dongwoon sensed and soon felt a warm surge from within…… their orgasms had fizzled, softly nipping at their nerves.

Junhyung’s lips covered every bit of kissable skin on his cheek.

Next time I’ll use my mouth,” he commented.

Dongwoon did not hear his hyung. Stifling his climax took very much out of him physically, strangely. His entire frame fell limp and heavy against the eldest. His head rested on Junhyung’s shoulder; his eyes were still closed. He was tired.

He was tired because he went to the gym earlier…

But he was also tired of being used. He was tired of being lied to.

He was tired of being the house pet everyone played with when they were bored.

Junhyung had him whenever he pleased. Doojoon had him whenever he pleased. If they wanted a fuck, they got it, much of the time without the boy’s say. But they didn’t care. Because Woonie liked it, right?

Right, Woonie?



Note: if you haven’t already seen the latest spider-man movie, don’t watch it. i just saved a good bit of your life.

Also, there is very much seeable sexual frustration between junwoon.

[User Picture]From: NT591
2013-11-16 09:51 pm (UTC)
Crap! Woonie...... ah!!!!!! *i'm trying to get Woonie's reasoning* Stop being deceived!!!!
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[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2013-11-17 05:23 am (UTC)


I'm sorry this is frustrating...... OTL yaaaaah thank you very much for your comment of frustration however bb~~~ :D:D:D:D:DDDD:D:D <33333333
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[User Picture]From: NT591
2013-11-17 04:16 pm (UTC)
I gave up just cause of my exams. But I think I can get some idea.

Oh those hyungs...... Errrrrr

Lol!! See ya dear!!
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