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Images [Jun. 18th, 2011|07:03 pm]
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Title: Images
Pairing(s): DooWoon
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3580
Summary: Dongwoon gets some lovin' over the phone.
A/N: For barniiiii~ <33 THANK YOU FOR BEING SO PATIENT. Oh you are so lovely... >-<U



A very loud cackle was audible through the thin layers of Dongwoon’s cell. The refreshing laugh belonged only to Doojoon. If Dongwoon possessed a puppy’s tail, the leader imagined it to be wagging with a velocity that sufficiently sliced soft tomatoes. In spite of how many times it had been done, Dongwoon never lost that feeling of anticipation and incredulousness when Doojoon phoned him, even for the basic and simplest of things.

Dongwoon sprung into a straight position on his bed.

“You called, hyung!”

“That I did.”

“You said you would call me yesterday, but you never diiiid…”

The elation in Dongwoon’s sprightly tone lessened by a mere degree. He did so so that Doojoon traced the encrypted disappointment, for Dongwoon nearly waited up all night for the promised call like a nervous nail-biting schoolgirl, unmistakably affecting his performance earlier in the day. Doojoon picked up on it quickly. He could imagine the features on Woonie’s face loosely balled up in an entertaining, souring pout.

I know, Woonie… I’m sorry… I was busier than I thought I would be. And tired. Bone tired. Even if I did call you, we would’ve probably only talked for… five or six minutes, give or take.”

Oh. That’s okay, then… at least you called this time. Can you talk more now?


“For a long time~?”

“For as long as you want.”

Dongwoon rested his head into a cool pillow cushion with the giddiest smile… This was fantastic. After nearly a week of scurrying about here and there, and only being capable of squeezing in a few texts in between what little time they were granted, the maknae was able to finally stay put in a single spot in the comforts of his petite hotel room and hear his hyung’s voice directly.

I miss you, hyuuung…”

A light smile played on Doojoon’s lips at Dongwoon’s sweet confession. He sighed, teasing his lips with his teeth.

“I miss you, baby,” Doojoon replied.

Dongwoon’s cheeks burned in response to that. The pair of honest gentle confessions trailed a comforting bout of quietness in which one listened to the other breathe daintily through the phone…

“It’s only a few more days,” Doojoon reminded both himself and his lover, then hating how distasteful it sounded, especially by adding the word “only”, as if either male could handle “only a few more days” separated from one other.

“But I don’t like ‘a few more days’…” Dongwoon droned childishly with just a hint of a pout. He groaned as he rolled onto his stomach and stuffed his face into the cushion, “I w…… t… see y…… now…

That last statement was trapped and muffled by the thick fibers of the pillow.

Doojoon chuckled, “What, Woon?”

Dongwoon groaned again, frustrated with having to repeat this truth, “…I want to see you noooow.

The leader laughed, “And I want to see you too, Woonie. And do other things.”

“And what?”

“Do other things,” restated Doojoon. It was a very firm reinstatement.

“Do other things like what?”

“Like touch you. And feel you. And kiss you.”

A luscious pink shade was born just beneath Dongwoon’s cheeks. The maknae curled his body into a little ball on his bed, snickering. Imagining the flutter of Doojoon’s gentle lips over his brought butterflies.

“……I want to kiss you, too, hyung.”

“Send me a kiss then.”

“‘Send’ you a kiss?”

“Yeah. Make a video of you giving me a kiss.”

The younger laughed at this idea.

“You will call me back, yes?”

“What kind of question is that, Woon? ‘Course hyung will. Don’t I always?”

So the maknae ended his brief chat with the leader to fulfill his short-order wish. He recorded at least five of them, where he eased his lips into the pin-sized camera, puckered and smacked. When he decided on which one he liked the most -- neither one, really, but he’d spent enough time on them -- he sent it to Doojoon and squirmed like an inchworm on top of his sheets for the reply, tittering.

His hyung’s set jingle stridently made the younger aware that he was calling. The latter hesitated to answer at first…


“You’re naked,” said Doojoon flatly.

Those were Doojoon’s first spoken words in response to the video.


Doojoon made it sound like his nakedness was something Dongwoon himself was oblivious of, but it quickly dawned on him why the elder would figure such.

“OH! NO. I am not naked!!” refuted Dongwoon hurriedly, then he lowered his voice, “I just have my shirt off…”

“Why~?” asked the intrigued Doojoon.

“I was hot when I came back to my room, so I took it off,” the boy took a minute to note the atmospheric change, “…though it’s starting to get a little cold and I can’t alter the temperature.”

“Aw… Baby is cold?

“I’ll just put on a shirt…”

“Let me cuddle with you.”


“We’ll cuddle; I’ll keep you warm. I’m joining you on your bed.”

Dongwoon blinked his eyes.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m scooting closer to you now.”

“‘Scooting closer’?”

“Yes. Can’t you feel me?”

“Hyung. You are not making any sense--”

“--It’s a game, Woonie. Just play along. Now do you want hyung to warm you up or not?”

Dongwoon giggled. A game? This was some game.

“Mhm. I want you to warm me up.”

Okay. So now we’re cuddling. I’m lying on my side. I have my arms around you and I’m holding you really close to me…”

The maknae swallowed… He noted the dip in Doojoon’s tone of voice.

“…Really close and really tight.”

He could clearly imagine this…

“I’m stroking your hair as I look piercingly into your soft brown eyes.”

Yes. Dongwoon could very much imagine this.

“I’m running my fingers through it as I smile gently at you. I can feel your heart racing.”

N-No you can’t--”

“--Yes I can. It’s beating into my chest. I hear it, too. I hear its faint thumps as you respond to our closeness.”


“I move the hand in your hair down to the back of your neck, creating a gentle grip. I’m using it to pull your lips closer to mine while watching you intently.”


“I make myself long for your mouth for another minute. I smile, then I lay my lips on your lips. I tighten my fingers in your hair, tight enough so you could feel it, to bring our mouths even closer. I’m somewhat satisfied, so I peel my lips away.”


“…This is a two-player game, Woonie. And I’m doing all the loving here.”

Dongwoon blushed… “I… But I don’t know how to play this game…” he peeped with shamefacedness.

“It’s easy, baby. Just do what hyung’s doing. Say anything that you want to do to me.”

Okay…………… then I want to kiss you, too…”

“Alright, so you say, ‘I’m kissing you now, hyung’.”

“…I’m kissing you now, hyung,” Dongwoon parroted in his own nervous tone, then rolled into the pillow chortling with sheepishness. This was making him feel all silly inside.

“See~? Not difficult at all.”

Dongwoon chortled off the sillies.

“Anything else?” Doojoon asked.

“Ummm… Y-You do something… then I will do something… again…”

“Alrighty,” and that tone returned, “…I’m both surprised and pleased by your suddenly eager lips. I move my hand to your cheek to pull our mouths closer.”

Dongwoon was happy that Doojoon could not visually see the incalculable expressions morphing his bright face. But by the nervousness that brimmed in his voice, Doojoon had a very good idea how hilarious his lover must have looked.

“…I kiss you back and… um… I put my fingers in your hair.”

“I lightly moan at your warm fingers, surprised again. My tongue is teasing your lips.”

Dongwoon adopted a shade of soft watermelon-pink…

“I… open up my mouth and… let your tongue inside--H-Hyung. I’m not so good at this…

“No no… Baby you’re doing fine. That was perfect.”

A small confident smirk blossomed on the younger’s lips, “…Really?”

“Yes… now I ease my tongue inside. I’m thoroughly enjoying your taste. I curl my tongue around yours and I softly suck your lips--”

Dongwoon subconsciously wet his lips…

“--then I take my hand from your face and ease it onto your shoulder. I give you a squeeze there, then it goes lower and squeezes, and lower with another squeeze… and lower until I reach your soft ass. I’m pinching it just to watch you squirm, then I take your right cheek into my palm and tightly squeeze.”

The maknae wavered a little on the mattress, but for two different reasons. He could feel everything, for one. He visualized the elder’s soft-looking mouth, his soft lips moving in that amorously entrancing way. Doojoon’s undertone huskiness carried into each spoken word… it threaded them into the very deliciously chilling sentences they were. Dongwoon felt him, the heat of his skin, the hand on his ass and the tongue deep in his mouth. The every-damn-thing.

But, and this was number two, how was he to retaliate to something like that? Or, the question that should be posed is, how did Dongwoon typically react to Doojoon in those situations? He turned his eyes off to achieve a clearer, sharper image of the happenings, and to connect to the Dongwoon they both envisioned in their minds.

“…I shiver at your hand on my ass and jump at the pinches. I’m moaning as you play with my tongue. I bite your lips and… I try to bring your body closer to mine…”

“Your eagerness is exciting. I push you onto your back and tower over you. I’m watching you closely.”

“I watch you back…”

“I’m lying on top of you with my thigh between your legs. It’s making contact with your cock. I move my knee forward and backward to create a slight friction--”



“You didn’t say we were going to be… doing that!!” Dongwoon was whispering -- he did not know why -- with his eyes as big as plates.

“That’s what phone sex is, Woon. I thought you had the idea by now; you were going along with it.”

……Phone sex.

Doojoon said phone sex. Dongwoon didn’t know what the hell he’d gotten himself sucked into. He simply thought Doojoon was just teasing him with all of this! No. They were actually in the midst of having phone sex, and Dongwoon was already knee deep into it.

“You’re naughty, hyung.”

“It’s your turn~”

Cringing and biting his lips, Dongwoon did his hardest not to make himself sound like an utter fool.

“Your thigh makes me moan and shake. I feel tingly… I’m reaching up and grabbing your neck and pulling down to try and make you kiss me…”

“I quickly wet your lips with my tongue before kissing them over and over. Now I’m slowly grinding our hips together.”

Dongwoon glowed red… He felt a faint pulse in his cock.

“Are you getting hard, Woonie?” purred the leader -- damn, did he hear it? -- following the question with an expulsion of breath. There was no sense in lying.

“Y… mhmm…”

Doojoon continued. “I’m licking all over your neck, moaning each and every time our cocks kiss--”

Dongwoon released a mild and throaty moan…

“--I want to feel you harden. I replace my hips with my hand and begin to palm you firmly. I kiss you a final time, then I take your right nipple into my mouth and dance my tongue around it and run over it and tease it with my teeth.”

“…My hips thrust up into your hand… it… it feels so good, hyung. The tingles fill my body; I start shaking as you start sucking on my nipple and I trap your hair between my fingers and scratch…” Dongwoon was speaking in a hush now. A raspy sort of hush with all the breath he could scrounge up.

“I hum at your light scrapes. I bring my head up to find your face twisted in deep pleasure. My hand is moving beneath your shorts until I’m holding your cock in my hand. I’m starting to pump you, then I go faster until you’re completely erect. I snatch your boxers off. My eyes are drawn directly to your cock. It’s perfect and pink and it looks so fucking delicious. I bring my lips down and pucker them. I kiss the head; my lips become moist with your precum. I swallow the sweet sample and start to swallow around the slit.”

Dongwoon’s shallow breathing came through crystal clear on Doojoon’s end. Imagining the feel of Doojoon’s hot lips on his cock -- no. He knew the feel of Doojoon’s hot lips on his cock. And they were there at that very moment annoying the hell out of the nerve endings surrounding the slit. Dongwoon realized a handful of minutes ago that he had been subconsciously touching himself as he talked to Doojoon, touching as in stroking his cock through his little shorts that his lover had supposedly already snatched off. He wasn’t fazed by this -- surprised, but not fazed. Because fuck, anyone would touch themselves if they had Doojoon dropping wet sex in their ear. He was also sobbing, for with an imagination like his it was almost better than the real thing. Almost.

No teasing hyung…

“Hm, baby? No teasing?”

“…ck me.”

“What was that?”

Fuck me Doojoon.”

Beg hyung.”

And the younger was desperate enough to comply.

Please hyung… please…” Dongwoon’s moans of mercy were sweet music to Doojoon’s ears. Doojoon began picturing his Woonie sprawled in debauchery with those brown eyes caked with glaze and his skin the hue of grainy cinnamon and his pretty legs spread wide for him and him only, all quavering thighs and curling toes. Ready to eat up.


“I crawl between your legs and gaze at you for a few moments. I kiss your thighs on the inside, and then I suck… and I suck… and I suck, until you can’t take it.”

And Dongwoon couldn’t take it, but Doojoon was not done.

“I enjoy seeing you tremble. I’m moving my mouth in between your cheeks and tease your hole with my tongue.”

Dongwoon, now fingering his wriggly self on the bed, gasped and begged for the ministrations to stop. Doojoon proceeded to “lube” them both, also being so languid in sliding his fingers in and out, passing that little spot of momentous joy to make the boy squeal. Dongwoon would be greedily fucking Doojoon’s probe, but in reality, his fingers were fucking him.

“You ready Woonie?”


“I open your legs wide and I gently ease my cock inside you. Then I pull out slowly, then I ease back in…”

Dongwoon shifted his fingers farther, scissoring and all with eyes closed and lips wet, imagining that shaft connecting intimately with him, inside of him, zipping in and out with beautiful succession.

“Fast… er…” Dongwoon groveled into the phone. Doojoon “gave” it to him fast. It was all a matter of envisioning and matching his hyung’s voice to his actions and truly feeling them… truly allowing himself to believe that Doojoon was fucking him. And with his fingers as an aid, he might as well have been there with him.

D-Doo… Doojo--nhm…”

“I’m pumping your cock as I fuck you ruthlessly, baby.”

Dongwoon moved his fingers faster. He could barely hold the phone straight. He vividly imagined with his nails clamped down into the sheets with Doojoon having his way with him. The sweat on his drenched honeyed skin and that fiery look of passion in his hyung’s eyes was a very clear image. Doojoon knew the right words and when to use them at the right times to paint the most mind-blowing of images that the maknae just gave up. Dongwoon orgasmed with not a stroke to his cock. His choking cry gave Doojoon an earful: Beautiful and loud sprinkled with fragments of Doojoon’s name, and then gradually falling into slow gasps of breath. Doojoon closed his eyes as he took it in. He had been waiting to hear that for a long, long while. The anxiety, the loneliness, everything became effaced by that single cry of pleasure…

“You came?” Doojoon asked.

“…Yes. And all in your hand,” Dongwoon airlessly chuckled.

“Then I collect your cum in my hand and take it into my mouth, scraping it all onto my tongue… then I let it slip back into my throat, and swallow.”

Doojoon never let anything go to waste. Dongwoon hummed in satisfaction, but with that in mind…

“Are you still hard hyung?” the maknae questioned.

“Very.” Both in actuality and imagination.

“Okay… I feel you leave me. When you do I gently flip you onto your back and crawl over you and eat up your lips… Then I make kisses until my lips are on your cock. I kiss it for a while, and now I’m taking it into my mouth very slow.”

Doojoon’s mouth went dry all of a sudden. Creating crisp mental images of Dongwoon’s lips at his cock required little to no thought. And the sensations overwhelmed the leader instantly. Dongwoon’s mouth was an instrument wrought by the heavens. The wetness and the heat of it bettered everything else.

“I suck on you lightly and I start to take more of your cock. I’m starting to move my head up and down, sucking a little harder and playing with your sac…”

Doojoon exhaled. Not even biting his lips stopped the moans, or lessened the squirming on his bed. He’d unzipped his jeans to access his cock. He praised Dongwoon beneath every breath and every stroke and fierce pump to his member.

“…Now I take you farther and farther… and I moan around you and play with you more as I feel you get harder and hotter in my mouth. You’re in my throat now… so I go a little slower until I finally taste all of you…”

Dongwoon wanted to turn Doojoon into jelly. That was his deepest desire, and his own personally set goal. He rubbed his love’s thighs and let his imaginary self go to work on the throbbing flesh atop of his tongue. The leader’s fluids came alive on his own tongue, and that paired with Doojoon’s heavy breathing and groans brought the latter closer.

God, Woon I’m gonna cum…”


Doojoon stroked faster and managed to give a “yes” to his lover. Then another yes. And another yes, each incrementally becoming louder than the latter. Dongwoon sputtered more velvety, sultrily euphoric actions into his hyung’s ear, tonguing him and moaning his name ardently to hasten his awaited release. Everything worked. Doojoon’s lips spread and sexually-charged notes came springing from his throat. Dongwoon’s eyes fluttered shut at the sound of his partner’s climax…

“I release your cock and let you cum all over my lips…”

Fuck Woon…”

“…then I lick it all off and swallow it up.”

That last statement officially ended their “session”, Dongwoon adding in kisses.

“That was fun~”

Doojoon huffed as he recovered from his high… “Knew you’d like it.”

“If a certain someone told me what it was from the get-go, I probably would have been better~”

“Oh come on, Woon. There’s no way you would’ve agreed if I told you first thing. And ‘better’? You were amazing.”

Dongwoon felt very pleased with himself. And naughty.

“Can we play again later?” he questioned.

“I hope that I can play with you real soon. But sure baby. Anytime you want.”

There was a soft laugh between them.

“I gotta go take a shower again…” said Dongwoon.

“I bet you’re all sticky.”

“Uh huh~ A lot came out…” Dongwoon teased.


“Noooo hyung~ Are you trying to get me into trouble?!”

“Awww… Please, Woonie~? It’s only for hyung. He won’t show anyone else. I give you puppy eyes?”

“Nope. And no puppy eyes. You’ll just have to wait~”

Arghhh… Whyyyy evil schedules!?”

This cracked the younger up. The couple conversed about other things for a short amount of time. But the maknae caught his lover sleepily stumbling over his words.

“Hyung… You get some rest okay? I will talk to you later. And text me please~”

I will, Woon,” the maknae was so needy, “And you don’t stay up too long either.”

“Yes umma,” Dongwoon smiled, “…bye, Doo. I love yooou…”

“I love you, too, Woonie. Bye bye.”

Dongwoon hung up and pulled himself into the shower. The sillies returned. Never ever would he have thought he would have phone sex with his boyfriend. It was definitely different. And exciting… he really liked it, and Doojoon seemed to enjoy it, too. Wherever did he get the idea from? Or, if it wasn’t an abrupt thought from his head, who suggested it?

He was fresh again. As Dongwoon dried his mane, he heard a sweet chime. A saved message from his Doojoonie that had been sent approximately ten minutes before. Dongwoon didn’t think he spent that long in the shower… But he opened Doojoon’s message. His video message…

Doojoon had sent him a kiss goodnight.




UGHFDGREGGNHBDFV. I hope this was sufficient… first time doing this sort of thing. >-< Though I liked it. (I hope you liked it too, bb!!!)

Also, I am in the middle of taking a respite. =-= Too many personal things happening. But I will come back with goodies as well as fics that I have promised others~♫ (Mianhae!)


[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-18 11:05 pm (UTC)
Spot for barniiiii~~ <3333
For the love of our arabian prince. xDD Hope you liked iiiit.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-18 11:06 pm (UTC)
Spot for Jae. <3333 (I read all that you have posted and I hope to give you my two cents when all this blows over. :'D EEEE.)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leejaehwa7
2011-06-19 02:36 pm (UTC)

(I was wondering where you got to because you kind of disappeared and I was worried. I hope everything is okay and I can wait to hear your two cents...especially since I added a JunSeung oneshot spinoff to the story ^_^)

I see you got the phonesex request too...I never got around to writing it but I don't think I could have done a better job than what you did. I put myself in Woonies place and my brain was all gooey from Doojoon being so damn...descriptive. I kept thinking, "OMG if my honey called me and started talking like that I would pop a artery." Who knew Doo had such a way with words...UMNNNFFFFF @_@

I giggled at the thought of Woonie hugging his pillow and rolling around on his bed while saying, "I want to see you now." It's such a cute and needy!Woonie moment, I just wanted to pinch his cheeks. And then the whole send me a kiss video. XDXDXD And of course Doo would notice that Woonie is half naked!!! I just knew he was going get all jealous and wonder if Woonie is cheating on him. But then his mind goes dirty and he like, "Let me cuddle with you." *whines* I want to cuddle with a yummy BEAST...even if it is over the phone

Woonie being so lost and clueless at first, such a cute innocent maknae. But I'm happy Doo coached him into it. I loved how he got all hot and bothered and the end...THE END...WHEN HE TOOK OVER AND STARTED PLEASING DOO...YESH! But before that, he's squirming and moaning and just a cute/hot little bundle of nerves yearning for more. When he gets to the point of begging...*sighs* the sight of him desperately wanting more...I want to hear him moan

The "Can we play later?" LOL...you must play later and in person...yep! Doo is so naughty asking for a picture of Woonie covered in his sticky cum and all frazzled...that can only lead to problems Doo if that pic somehow gets out...WISHES THAT PIC EXISTS AND GETS OUT!!!

I had to take a breather after reading before coming back to comment. And during that breather I found this amazing video!!! It's BEAST singing JYP's "Kiss" during their MTV days. IT'S LIKE THEY'RE HAVING AN ORGY IN THE CAR!!! JUST...KAJGLSKJDKJAFKSF...I THINK MY BRAIN WENT ON STANDBY FOR A FEW MINUTES AFTER MY HEART STOPPED. I keep wondering why I haven't seen this before. I don't know if you have, but I will post it anyways.

HUN...I love every bit of this. And this --> “I crawl between your legs and gaze at you for a few moments. I kiss your thighs on the inside, and then I suck… and I suck… and I suck, until you can’t take it.” ... By this point, I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! Your way with words is incredibly beautiful.
I'm so happy you wrote this ^_^

Love you immensely <333333
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leejaehwa7
2011-06-19 02:41 pm (UTC)
PS: the ending was precious...Doo's little kiss to Woonie made this not only hot and sexy but extremely cute and sweet. Awwwww...I can't stop from going AWWWWWW like a silly fangirl >___
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-20 02:02 pm (UTC)

(>-< Yeah. Kind of went incognito... Weird things happen. BUT I WILL BE BACK TO COMMENT ON SUCH LOVELINESS THAT ONLY YOUR BRAIN CAN PROVIDE. <33333)

Yes, a rather interesting request. But it involved Woon, so I hopped onto it. But then was like "Wait. I've never done this before..." and brain-spazzed for a few days on how I wanted to go about doing this. I KNEW I wanted to make Dongwoon extra squishy and cute and innocent and eatable. <333 I'M SURE YOURS WOULD BE AS EQUALLY AS EXCITING. Can Seobie and Jun have fun~?

o-o Doo talking in my ear like that? I couldn't handle it. I would pop four arteries. And my head. Woonie handled this better, obviously. AND YESSSS~ WOONIE WANTED TO SEE HIS DOOJOONIE. Rolling around all on the bed all frustrated and needy-like. <33 And the semi-nakedness. Nope. Doo didn't get jealous. Indeed, his mind was in a faaaarrr different place. ;D I WOULD LIKE TO CUDDLE WITH SQUISHY JUN. AND WOONIE. But Woonie would be in the middle and we would have fun and take turns playing with him.

Hee, I would like to think that Woonie is all innocent. But sometimes, it is questionable. Very questionable. >w> He can be so X-rated... He knows what he's doing. Doojoon had to help Baby a little, and when he got the hang of it he turned into a FREAK. O-O ...You do not know what I would do/give to hear Dongwoon moan in person. Even if it was just from him getting his toe stumped or something. -_- OR BEGGING. YES. GOODNESS. <333333 Nervy!Woonie makes me hot. It's like "Someone please put Baby out of his misery and fuck him..."

Oh I am certain Doo will be playing with him for as long as he can keep his dick hard. (Why am I so dirtyyyy????) .____. If such a picture exists, I would be set for life. My brain would be so scrambled; I think I would have a stroke on the spot. -_- Please let there be such a thing. Doo and Baby would be in trouble, but it would make so many of us happy. *imagines Woonie with his legs spread and cum fingers in his mouth and eyes hooded* fkjgrglkflkhlsf........

*_______* THE ORGY VIDEO WAS SEX FOR MY EYES. *Sigh* Whhhyyyyy can't we be in there with them in that moving vehicle of sex? D: And Jun. I can see all over his face that he just wanted to hop out of his seat and start grinding on Woonie. And Woonie would orgasm instantly, because that's all he was thinking about at that moment. OH SEOBIE~~ HE IS SO ADORABLE. They have matured nicely..... P: Nice and ripe--*shot* THANK YOU FOR SHARING THAT. <33333 I love your for keeping me entertained~ C':

Doojoon sucking Woonie was so yummy~ Imagining Dongwoon at that moment destroys cells. Umma was baking that body like a cake. *-* x'O Hee, thank yooooou. If it's DooWoon smut, I make sure that it's very delicious. So word choice is EVERYTHING. <3 (Hee, I'm glad you liked the phone kisses. Doo giving Woonie one in return was a given~)

>0< THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH LOVELY!! I will get back to you soooon I promise!!! <333333333333 Love you alwaaays!!!!
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[User Picture]From: leejaehwa7
2011-06-23 03:21 am (UTC)

(I know how it is…I fell like disappearing sometimes and such…Been thinking about taking a break lately but IDK…oh BTW did you see my HyunSeob fic “Silence”?…it turned out more personal than intended)

Yep…I got it the day before Woonie’s birthday but I was working on Double A…but I would still like to do a phone sex piece…it will probably end up in my next fic. Ohh…I know how you feel on those brain-spazz moments…I end up thinking about the same thing over and over again until I get it right in my head to put on paper. Extra squishy edible Woonie is very nice indeed… I will consider JunSeob for phone sex in my next fic :D

Just thinking about Doo talking in my ear or any of the BEASTies … O_O I mean imagine the sound of their breathing, or the breathy whisper of the saying they are caressing your thigh or their lips are ghosting up your neck…or even moaning in your ear…X-X DEAD! And Doo being immediately perverted…hehehe…next time Woonie can start off the phone sex conversation by sending him a sexy picture of his lower half *dying to see that* Let’s just grab all 6 of them and have a cuddle fest…I have a friend who would love to join…we can each get two guys…as long as I have Seobie I don’t mind how the others are split up ^^

Woonie is a fucking tease!!! I’m serious…his selcas are begging for someone to throw down and have their way with him.

Exhibit A: “Hi! I Woonie~!”

Exhibit B: “Hi! I’m cute right?”

Exhibit C: “Hi! I look hot right?”

Exhibit D: “Hi! You like my body?”

Exhibit E: “Hi! I like putting things in my mouth!”

Exhibit F-UCKED!!!!

Yep…I dabble in being able to argue effectively. I also like using tangible evidence to prove a convincing argument. ^-^ People find it hard to argue my points…And my point is that Woonie is far from innocent…VERY FAR!!! But he does have a tendency to be clueless…which is different from being innocent. And honestly…I would just love to hear any sound come from one of the guys over the phone…I would probably melt if he just said “Hi” just due to the fact that it went directly to my ear o___o

comment...too long again .___.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leejaehwa7
2011-06-23 03:22 am (UTC)
If you are dirty…then what am I…we think the same way XD My brain provides mental images and the more you talk about this pic of Woonie the clearer I see it -///- You are killing me. And if a photo like that for any guy came out in KPop I think I would die. Could you imagine the reaction from the fans…complete and utter chaos…Screams would be heard world wide O_O

The video…THE VIDEO…I was entranced…I still am…*must breathe*… I want to be in the vehicle of sex…can we? Let’s come up with a plan to get in/hide in their vehicle. I can use my assassin ways and figure it out. And Jun…JUN!!! towards the end of the video…he rubs on Woonie’s arm and pulls it up before giving him a nice smack…and then Woonie leans over’s like he’s going to get on top of Jun…and then the camera turns away…they were almost CAUGHT!!! And Seobie is so cute with his chubby cheeks and umnffff. *nods* they have matured nicely…they are definitely more edible ;D I’m a born entertainer…people always come to me when they are bored and need to be entertained…it runs in my blood because my brother is the same way ^_^ I love sharing the wealth and that video is EPIC!

Doojoon knows how to appreciate a masterpiece like Woonie. UMHMM…the affection for DooWoon is amazing these days. Very delicious indeed. I don’t really like cake but can I have a piece of Woonie? *licks lips*

@_@ I loved your comments as always…I hope you like the pic SPAM…I couldn’t resist…my brain said “Do it…DO IT!!!” So I did it ^_^ Shows how much I love you XD <333333
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-30 03:03 pm (UTC)
*…climbs back into chair*
Honey. Please… warn me when you are going to pic spazz Baby. Multiple orgasms aren’t easy to hide. And I have siblings looking at me like I’m weird, but they’ve gotten used to my sudden seizures. Dweriupdfgkdl…*Sigh* Those pictures complete my life. (Mi is sad that he is being replaced on my phone for a while……… DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT MIMI!!!! *Turns away from big puppy eyes*)
My. Fucking. G—Where the fuck do I start? Um, “A”? Okay, “A” it is.
I want to put a second straw into that drink and share it with him. IT LOOKS LIKE IT WOULD BE STRAWBERRY FLAVORED. 8DDD OR RASPBERRY! OR RASPBERRY LEMONADE! Anything red or pink is always good. ;) Even better when you’re slurping on it with Baby~
“B”? My eyes went straight to his lips. e-e And I was overcome by an immediate urge to suck on those pink and lovely things. @-@ Then his HAIR. TUG-WORTHY. Also in “C”. His hair is just… calling my name. So I can just pull it and yank him around and make him do things to me. *-* (*Sigh* if I am weirding you out, I am sorry. -_- I cannot help the things I say. AND YOU STARTED THIS.) It got really bad when I hit “D”.
From the face up, “OH HE LOOKS SO CUTE. A LITTLE TEASY POUT~~” Then my eyes went lower.
Me: ………Sweet fuck. Bee must have.
THAT BODY. <3333 There is a reason why this man lives thousands of miles away from me. It is because if it were anywhere closer, there is no telling what I would do to him… I would monopolize that ass. I’m sorry Doo, but when it comes to ME, Woonie is ALL MINE. Here is the order: 1) ME, 2) Yoon Doojoon, 3) I don’t give a damn who comes after this, although it would probably be Jun.
“E” FJDKGLRUIGNFSVFK BNAL;GRGYESYESYESYESYESYESYES--*breathes* ……This is where Woon has lost all credibility of innocence. Baby is officially a freak that is totally aware of what he does. *photoshops that picture in my mind and replaces with another long and hard object* That’s right, baby. Suck on that… whatever that is. <33 Take it farther, now. You have to get it all in there, but go slow so you don’t hurt yourself... Thaaaat’s it… thaaaat’s a good boy… *pets hair* …good baby… (You can shoot me now, please. c: I’m losing my mind.)
“F” ………Now every time I think of Woonie being fucked/fucking, I will think of this picture. Look. At. That. Face. Baby is enjoying that cock inside of him. Yes, I pictured someone in the back of him. Having that ass. And Woonie cheering him on, because he likes that. *wants her own Woonie whore* Q-Q
Your argument about Baby not being innocent? *stamps* Proven. *Siiiiiiiiigh* I will have to do something for you. This was just preciousness and sexiness and orgasmic all in one. I will think of something… Oh we are so dirty. xDDDDDD I know this is not normal -- though it’s normal to me -- but we weren’t given normal minds. So we take our not-normal minds and make smut for others enjoyment. :D And the cuddling? Yes. I will have Woonie and Jun. <333
So like you, I have watched that video a thousand times. And when Kiki comes in with all of his, “Uhh… Yeah… Mmm… Nn… Yeah…” I totally closed my eyes and pictured a totally different situation. ._. He was asking for it. THE JUNWOON CHEMISTRY WAS SO FUCKING SEXY. Junhyung likes playing with Woonie, and Woonie likes being played with. DAMN WHOEVER TURNED THAT CAMERA AWAY. BABY WAS BEING ALL SEDUCTIVE AND HE WAS ABOUT TO SLATHER ALL OF HIS DELICIOUSNESS ON JUNHYUNG. DAKFJDGJLERGTUFKG WAAAAAAAAAAAAE??!!? *smashes keyboard* I will be needing your assassin ways, though I am probably the worst person you would want to be with when sneaking around. I have a giggle problem, and once I start, I can’t stop. xDD And I would be giggling the entire time.
An entertainer you are! <333 8DDDD Coming back to this was wondrous. <33333333333 BB you are so thoughtful. Thank you~~~~ (I SAW YOUR NEW FIC. I WILL GET TO IT AS SOON AS I CAN!! EEEE SO EXCITEDDDD!!!!!)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leejaehwa7
2011-07-02 12:29 am (UTC)
Ohoho…you are very awesome indeed ^__^ (sorry I didn’t warn you…it just came to me and I had to give you my argument and those pics were just so perfect…*remembers to warn next time* And I only do these things because I love you XD)

Poor Mimi is being pushed aside (BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!) But Woonie is just…ADSFKASDJFL…and he gave me the evidence…it was all perfectly waiting for me ;)
This whole argument just shows how crazy I am…I was like…hmmm Dongwoon love taking selca’s and I had an ANON!Woonie I used to chat with who sent me pics…so I just went a searching there they were. I didn’t even have to try hard for this O__O

Your comments on each pic…PWAHAHAHA…the slurping of the drink…and the sucking on the lips…and the pulling of the hair (UNMFFF…I love hair pulling…YES Indeed!)…and the admiration of his body…and “E” I knew you would love that one…he likes sucking on things…and it’s not a small thing either ;D (your “thaaat’s it” *pets hair* made me LOLOL)…and then “F” the most recent and sexy pic that just says someone is definitely fucking me right now! How can anyone resist him in that shirt and that face…why does he make us so sexually frustrated…HE’S JUST ASKING TO BE RAPED! *sighs*

And you thinking you have to do something for me is silly…I’m happy you found this to be “precious…sexy…and orgasmic.” Since I know your mind works like my mind…it was only natural for me to share my argument with…especially since it regarded our precious Woonie *_*
Okay…I think I will take KiSeob for cuddling and JunSeung can be give to my friend. Everything works out in the end. <3

Hahaha…I closed my eyes and listened to it and thought…oh gosh…why can’t there be more videos like this. If I worked for them I would have secret hidden videos of so much stuff…people would think I’m some crazy stalker but I wouldn’t care. (I would give fangirls what they want!)
I will have to teach you my assassin ways…may need to start a school and take people in…I have a few others who wish to learn ^_~
And you are sooooo welcome…honestly I have nothing better to do than create crazy arguments and ideas to entertain myself. I’m happy I have someone to share it with because not many around me would understand the epicness of those Woonie pics.

(Can’t wait to see your thoughts on my new fic…it seems to be drawing lots of interest O////O…I hope things are going well with you *hugs*) <333333
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-18 11:07 pm (UTC)
Spot for madiwi. Because I love you. >-< <33333 Your JunWoon is coming~
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: madiwi
2011-06-19 04:22 pm (UTC)
Wow, you wouldn't believe how excited I was to see a fic from you. And what more the dearly missed DooWoon... I seriously was so excited and just totally jumped at reading it. LOL. Even when I was on the go and amongst friends. Awkward I know, but I simply couldn't resist. Thankfully I got the backseat so no one was looking over my shoulder. Hahaha.

And I totally squealed at getting a spot. LOOOOL. AND that was more weird especially to my friends. So so so happy that you didn't forget me. Thank you... Awwww and I love you more... <3333333 Well, now that DooWoon is here... JunWoon can wait. Hahaha.

Wow, like seriously this was hot like real hot... Like brain cells melting away hot... Yeah, goodbye me cells~ Haha.

I've read some phone sex before, I think... But, something about Woonie is just different, maybe that's my biasing him talking but it just felt different to me... And it was different good...

And the cute kiss goodnight... You totally made hot and cute and sweet all at the same time. Woonie's initial uncertainty was real cute. Then he became all-knowing about it and that was just *needs to find a different word other than 'hot'* hahaha...

Great job as always... And take your time... I hope all is well... <3

Oh, did I forget to mention, I liked this a lot too... Hahaha
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-20 01:07 pm (UTC)
DB I missed DooWoon, too. That's why when I got this request they were my first choice. Plus I was so overrode with Dooseob my mind went "WTF are you doing? DOOWOON." xDDD <33333 MY LOVES. (Your reactions are so cuuuuute~~!! xDDDDD I bet your pals worry for you. I would too.)

Oh bb of course you would get a spot. :0 You be special!! 8') I never forget my favorites who give me such wonderful ideas~~~

I almost put this in a different format! Like, "Doojoon: *insert dirtiness here*; Dongwoon: *insert dirtiness here* " That type of format. So it would go faster. But I found just putting it in fic form worked best. Oh it was so awkward... I didn't think I could finish. -_-

My Woonie biasness gets to my all the time. My friends get so sick of me explaining his godliness. But it needs to be explained. Dongwoon takes over more than half of my mind, so explaining such godliness is only natural. (My little neurons are almost nonexistant. The only ones that remain are the ones drilled with smut. That's how I can keep going. xD)

8DDDDD I MADE HOT/SWEET SMUT, DIDN'T I?!?! I DIDN'T THINK I COULD. Woonie's sweetness is what did it with his naughty/innocent self. Woonie makes everything sweet. He is a natural sweetener. <3333 I would put him in my tea. (.....A flood of dirty thoughts just hit me. o-o) Doojoon just needs to eat him up. Have that ass. SOMETHING. Woonie's already on his dick. DOO TAKE HIM. *Sigh* They are so cute togetherrrrrrr....... ;-;

Aw, thanks. Things will be okay. *Sigh* I will settle down~~~~~ I'm always fussing over things. My will keeps me going. >-< Hee, hope to get your fic up soon~~ <33333 LOVE YOU! Haha~
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-18 11:08 pm (UTC)
Spot for fluffyxcloud~ <3333 :D:D:D:D:D
(I am polishing your fic. C'x Don't know when I will have it up, though. D:)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: fluffyxcloud
2011-06-19 01:54 am (UTC)
OHMIGAWD I GOT A SPOT! ^_______________________________^

first I was going to die because you updated and I was happy, and now I'm going to die because you left me a spot!

there are no words...I'LL BE READING THIS AND GET RIGHT BACK TO YOU! expect spazzing >_< dongwoon has recently shot up to one of my favorites, i have no idea what happened (yes I do i saw him twice live and both times he was the alk;sdjfas;lkdjf best)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: fluffyxcloud
2011-06-19 07:56 am (UTC)
ohmigawd i was picturing wonnie's video kiss (kkk of course, that was part of the inspiration, right? kkkk)

FA;LSKDFJ omg so awkward I'm too weird to have phone sex >__< but I loved the way you wrote it! so smutty and doojoon cracks me up with his sultryness (his yes-es made me grin evilly)

and I loved wonnie smashing his face in the pillow! <3 in the beginning. so cuuuute~

ADWSKLFJSL GOODNIGHT KISS BACK OMG I LOVE IT WHAT A CUTE ENDING! <333333 I love you and think you are amazing and I'm STOKED for mine (take your time dear ^______^)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-20 12:47 pm (UTC)
YES. GOD. THAT LITTLE BIRTHDAY VIDEO THAT I COULDN'T UNDERSTAND A BIT OF? THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE REFERRING TO? WHEN THOSE LIPS MOVED INTO THAT CAMERA..... *pants* And. you. saw. him. live? ._. If I ever saw Baby live I would either one, kidnap him. Two, die. Three, be arrested by Korean police. Four, all of the above. You are lucky to have been so close to Godwoon. I bow to you.

Before I bust a blood vessel, 'COURSE I saved you a spot for your loveliness. ^-^ <333 I don't think I would ever have phone sex either. I would be just like Woonie, except even more awkward. Especially with Doo talking so dirty. Shit, I couldn't do it. I would be a puddle. xD Woon is so cute when he's not being naughty!!!! I see him as a pillow biter~~

Umma Joon and Baby make me so happy. I would write them forever; I miss writing them, my first loves. >-< <3333 Tee hee hee, I hope I won't disappoint you! ^0^ <333 THANK YOU SO MUCHHH. LOVE YOU TOO. <3333333
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-20 12:35 pm (UTC)
8DDDDDDDD <3333333 I thought I almost made him too innocent~ But Baby is just so eatable. *-* <333 I AM GLAD YOU APPROVE. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cybermuffin18
2011-06-18 11:45 pm (UTC)
And a spot for me. Lololol. This was just...guh, killed me over and over. God damn it Doojoon!! Lately he's making it very clear that I will never have him. *pout*

Dongwoon...noona would like a picture!! XD

Anyway, absolutely amazing job bb. :)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-20 12:39 pm (UTC)
If there ever was a picture like that out I would be set for life. -_- God. I don't think I would ever breathe/think normally again.

Doojoon's keeping Baby at his hip nowadays. And I am loving every bit of it. ;D <3333 But that kind of leaves us hopeless...... AS LONG AS THEY ARE HAPPY. QvQ

>-< THANK YOUUUUU. <33333
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: barniiiii
2011-06-19 12:40 am (UTC)


(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-20 12:32 pm (UTC)


ANYTHING FOR YOU. Our Woonie bias must be fulfilled. YOU'RE SOOOOOOOOOO WELCOME. (owo Your happiness is exciting~~ BABY I LEFT YOU A SPOT!! *points to first comment* >w< )
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: barniiiii
2011-06-20 05:14 pm (UTC)


PLEASE MAKE MORE SMUTTY FICS OF WOON! <3 I JUST LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE! >w< MORE! MORE! MORE! <3 Thanks again! :DDD i read it 10times already :DD
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: jongkeylove17
2011-06-19 09:52 am (UTC)
*pokes head around a corner* ahem hello~ i've been silent reading you DooWoon fics and i've decided to reveal myself and say....

THIS WAS AMAZING! Not to mention super hot... this is the 2nd, (if i remember correctly) phone smex fic i've read!~ And i loved the ending very cute!

i love all your writings... well your doowoon ones atleast ^^ hope you don't mind my comment! please continue to write such wonderful pieces!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-20 12:28 pm (UTC)
8OOOO A silent reader~? EXCITEDNESSSSS. I got you to crawl out of your cute little shell. So I feel accomplished~ =w=

DooWoon is my LOOOOVE. So whenever I write those two (especially the smut) it's just nothing but passion flowing from my pen. They need to fuck. Seriously. That's all I think about, really. DooWoon fucking. ._. I don't think that's healthy.

Oh bb noooo~~ I don't mind your lovely comment! It really means a lot to me. ^-^ I hope to bring you more happiness!!!! <3333 THANK YOUUU!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: jongkeylove17
2011-06-20 03:22 pm (UTC)
yes! A silent reader who is no longer silent! ^^

I must DooWoon is my love for Beast! and i'm glad i was able to stumble across your fics as well as the works of others... (thanks to the powers of searching on google!) i don't see very much but i hope to read more soon! maybe i'll ship too...

I hope to read more from you! I don't know how often you write but i shall wait!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: misswadever
2011-06-19 11:02 am (UTC)
i can totally imagine a hot and bothered doojoon and a i-dont-have-a-clue shy dongwoon.

"That’s what phone sex is, Woon." WHAT? HAHA.
the smut is like ASDFGHJKL. i dont have a word for it. and then, suddenly dongwoon is not shy anymore.

i love your works! hope you will update Damaged Goods soon!
*chants dooseob dooseob!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-20 12:24 pm (UTC)
Obliviosus!Woonie is my favorite~ :'3 He's such a doll. Such a doll... Though he is not as innocent as he may seem. C| And Doojoon is just... Doojoon. <333 xD
*Huff* Awwws. Thank you. I love YOU! :DDD Ummmmu, I am working on DG next~ :) I hope that makes you happy! Hee, thanks for reading bb!!!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: fahleheen88
2011-06-20 03:47 am (UTC)


you so good at this dear...keep improving ok....lovelovelove your new userpics...gonna miss u...muahhhhhh...
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-20 12:19 pm (UTC)

Re: oho...

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-20 01:17 pm (UTC)
INNOCENT!WOON. When he ISN'T being sexy, he's just a bug-eyed, bouncy happy little thing wrapped into one. ^-^ Oh yes, umma loves his Baby. <3333 And whipped he is. He must know where that ass is every minute of the day. "That's mine." xDDD

Dongwoon and naive go together like PB&J. It's those damn eyes sometimes. And that faaaaaacccceeeeee... *melt* But to hear him moan over the phone? I would give all of my worldly possessions for such a moment. ._. <3333 (DO NOT HIDE THAT BIASNESS. WOON BIAS IS PRECIOUS.)

I imagined Doo to be all>> .___. Nekkeds. <33333333 I think that just made him want Woonie even more. (^0^ East Coast! .....There is nothing here. Nothing but rain and bipolar weather.)

I AM HAPPY THAT YOU LOVED IT. I hope to read more Woonie from you soon? :0 Yes? NO?!?!?! PLEASE?!?!?! (Ha, ignore me. >w>) <33333 LOVE YA~~~
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: xkeirafanx
2011-06-20 11:04 pm (UTC)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah another of my guilty pleasure pairings *-*

God, I love your smut you have no idea! I love how Dongwoon is so typically awkward and needs to adjust with it bit by bit and Doojoon is all bringing it into the wanted direction and when Dongwoon recognizes he's completely bold about it. I think it fits their characters.

Loved this so much.

And by the way, your whole theme is glorious. So much Mimi~
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-21 08:32 pm (UTC)
DooWoon is just lusciousness. <3333 Those two when together? Yum. >-< I enjoy writing DooWoon smut. Tis my passion! I could do it till my fingers fall off. x'D o-o YOU THINK IT FIT THEM? >//< Yaaaaaay~! I was hoping for that~!!! (I love having Woonie so innocent~ He's a doll. <333)

8D8D8D8D8D THANK YOU SO MUCH BB!!!!!! <33333 I'm happy you enjoyed it all!

Goodness. Do not get me started on my Mimi~ -w- Hee, thank yoooou~~
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: pieceofsaddy
2011-06-26 06:22 am (UTC)
Oh, sweet DongWoon got some confidence lol
DooJoon aproves xD
Love it~ <3
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-28 12:24 pm (UTC)
Hee hee, yes~! Umma just needed to push Dongwoon a little bit. He could handle things from there. >D
<33333 :DDDD
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cosmoqueen2900
2011-06-26 10:25 pm (UTC)
AWWWWWWWWWWWW hawt phone smex with a sweet ending! I LOVED IT!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2011-06-28 12:23 pm (UTC)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: emmiwish
2011-07-21 05:56 am (UTC)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: thepuppeteer
2012-07-28 09:51 pm (UTC)
guhhhh another one of these HOT DAMN fics. you're a queen. I am ready to beg you for more.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: leggymimi
2012-07-29 06:10 am (UTC)
TT^TT <333333333 please.......... you are too kind.....~~~ Thank you thank youuuuuu~~ I will gladly write more when I have time!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: gaalogic
2012-12-28 03:58 pm (UTC)
“I miss you, baby,” Doojoon replied.
Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *squealing like a fan girl n smack seobie’s shoulder*

“Like touch you. And feel you. And kiss you.” A luscious pink shade was born just beneath Dongwoon’s cheeks.
*wide eyes mode on*

Woonie is such a baby n needy, doo what made u love him? Because he’s so obidient n innocent?

“That’s what phone sex is, Woon. I thought you had the idea by now; you were going along with it.” ……Phone sex.
Me : what? Phone sex?
Seob : *nod*
Me : ................
Seob : noona u r so helpless, how old r u huh?
Me : seob u can keep reading, n i will play my angry bird
Seob : noona, angry bird was already dissapeared from ur har disk since damn stupid malwares n viruses eat up ur laptop.
Me : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah what should i do *blush*
Seob : shouLd i show u my video with kiki to help u imagine the scenes?
Me : *smack seob*

Dear mimi just smack me please, i didn’t intend to made u sad with my comment. Sorry for my english
(Reply) (Thread)